VTV and You

VTV staffers Olivia Byrd, Tori Pugliese, and Emily Hyde discuss winter break, Hollister, and cars this week.


Eeek!  It’s exam week!  Fret not my little pretties, that doesn’t get in the way of our VTV staffers producing their podcast.  Midterms, schmidterms we say.  This week our staffers talk about exams, classes, winter break and Saturday Night Live.



In this week’s podcast, VTV staffers Olivia Byrd, Emily Hyde, and Tori Pugliese talk about their VTV show The Studio, Emily’s wisdom teeth surgery, and what the gang has planned for the upcoming break.



VTV staffers, Olivia Byrd, Emily Hyde, and Tori Pugliese kick off their first audio podcast with topics like Trick or Treating, Halloween parties, and costumes.

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