Checkout Procedures

In case you were wondering, here are the checkout procedures for VHS:

VHS CHECK OUT PROCEDURES: NO student is allowed to leave campus on their own without following our check-out policy.

Attendance: Check-Out Procedures –

Please be aware that we cannot checkout students over the phone. We understand this can be an inconvenience at times but this is for the safety of all our students since we have no way of verifying the identity of a caller asking to check out a student. Parents may send in a written note with a copy of the parent’s driver’s license in the morning on the day of checkout. Students will be issued a check-out pass in the attendance office in order to leave class and sign out to either meet a parent in the front of the school or drive home. Without a note the parent or guardian must come inside to the attendance office to verify their identity before they can check out their student. Thank you for assisting the school with this policy as we take steps in ensuring your students are safe.

Hand-Delivered Note: Student will bring note with copy of driver’s license to attendance before school and will be issued a checkout pass for later in the day. (Most efficient and timely method for advance planning checkouts)

Email: (most timely method for unplanned same day checkouts)

Fax: 321-433-4338 (this method should only be used if the first two methods are not an option; as the fax machine is not located in attendance and faxes may not be received in a timely manner. Allow plenty of time (up to an hour or more) between a fax being sent and the time your child needs to check out.


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