New Music Review: Passion Pit’s “Kindred”

When you think of new music that is hitting the shelves or digital banks of iTunes and other sources, you may think of Imagine Dragons with “Smoke + Mirrors” or perhaps Marilyn Manson’s “The Pale Emperor.” That being said, Passion Pit is a musical project unlike any other and the project’s latest record, “Kindred” offers an electronic synth sound unheard of in mainstream pop and even in many electronica projects to date. It’s passionate to say the least, and this can be said with regard to the songwriting as well in this album which calls upon the good times, the bad times, and the sweet times in between. The album starts off on a strong note with “Lifted Up (1985),” offers a sweet middle with tracks like “Where the Sky Hangs” and “Five Foot Ten,” and moves into a deeper, at times darker, and at others uplifting note with “Dancing on the Grave.” Then, “Until We Can’t (Let’s Go) provides a powerful beat that practically calls for the dance floor. “Looks Like Rain” provides a gentle beat with powerful lyrics and vocal work that help to give a characteristic flair to the song and the album as a whole. Nearing an end, the album gives “My Brother Taught Me How to Swim,” which is a passionately reflective track with vocals that help to give the album a lasting taste. The album’s closer, “Ten Feet Tall,” is perhaps the standout track on the record thanks to the heavy work done with autotune tools to create a gritty and passionate ode. Although harder hitting than the rest of the tracks (as well as the only track to earn an Explicit rating on iTunes,) “Ten Feet Tall” follows the lyrical suit of the entire album, a suit which is poetic, melodic, and never drab. All things considered, Passion Pit’s Kindred is an album that pleases the Passion Pit fan, excites the electronica and synth fan, and welcomes newcomers and repeated plays alike. This is a passionate one indeed.                                                                                    .Passion Pit

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