Furious 7 Review

It’s not everyday that the most powerful film in a franchise is the seventh entry. That being said, Furious 7 is undoubtedly the most powerful film in the Fast series thanks to added dramatic weight along with more great thrills. Director James Wan (the director the first Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring) makes his debut into the action genre with fantastic direction featuring his signature touches such as camera spins which echo similar moves from his past films. Wan also handles the departure of Paul Walker from the series with a graceful and memorable sign off which serves as the most memorable part of the film. While the newfound dramatic focus is present, this film still ups the ante for driving and action sequences before the first half of the film is over. Some may find Fast Five to have had better scenes; however, Furious 7 still competes. It’s the blend of hard hitting action and more soft spoken emotion that defines Furious 7 as the hardest hitting and most powerful film of the bunch and the final five minutes alone make it the most memorable. You’ll want to clap for this one.Furious 7

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