Congratulations to Band and Color Guard

49 Band and Color Guard Students attended the Florida Bandmasters’ Association State Solo & Ensemble Music Performance Assessment on Tuesday, March 31st and performed chamber literature for adjudication. Here are some of the results; congrats to all students who attended and performed!

Chloe Amick – Superior marimba solo (with distinction/memorized)

Katie Brennan – Superior marimba solo (with distinction/memorized)

Rudy Deal – Superior clarinet solo

Liillian Henderson – Superior bassoon solo

Lauren Hickman – Superior guard solo (sabre)

Dylan Keuthan – Superior horn solo

Stephen Landy – Superior marimba solo (with distinction/memorized)

Kyle Leve – Superior alto saxophone solo

Alexis Macy – Superior flute solo

Brooklynne McGonagle – Superior horn solo

Alivia Russell – Superior horn solo

Alex Ryon – Superior trumpet solo

Elissa Waller – Superior bassoon solo

Superior Bassoon Quartet: Lillian Henderson, Lauren Kirksey, Andrew Nguyen, Elissa Waller

Superior Saxophone Quartet: Emily Crossett, Randi Daniel, Kyle Leve, Caitlin Meckley

Superior Brass Quintet: Brantley Daniel, Dylan Keuthan, Alex Ryon, Bryan Shull, Ben Thompson

Wind Symphony Brass Choir – Superior

Alexander Ryon – Trumpet

Brantley Daniel – Trumpet

Sam Hyatt – Trumpet

Shailine Nunez – Trumpet

Brianna Matthews – Trumpet

Hunter Goldenberg – Trumpet

Hannah Hickman – Trumpet

Tristan Armenta – Trumpet

Dylan Keuthan – French Horn

Brooklynne McGonagle – French Horn

Alivia Russell – French Horn

Tyla Gelman – French Horn

Bryan Shull – Trombone

Matt Schwarz – Trombone

Anthony Cerrato – Trombone

Christopher Aguirre – Trombone

James Maniscalco – Euphonium

Austin Spears – Euphonium

Ian Fuller – Tuba

Timmy Wickramasuriya – Tuba

Ben Joseph – Tuba

Ben Thompson – Tuba

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